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Established on July 1, 2000, the firm of Kiyohara & Takahashi primarily handles family operated businesses and clients with annual revenues ranging from $100,000 to $100,000,000 per year. We currently handle a diverse group of industries including franchise and non-franchise restaurants, distributors, equipment manufacturers, food processors, retail and food stores, medical and dental offices, commercial and sportfishing operations, real estate developers and investors, and golf courses. Our practice generally performs compilation reports, reviews, audits and the preparation of business and personal tax returns. The firm also specializes in various international tax issues.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time:

(323) 278-1300

(323) 278-1304


Kiyohara & Takahashi, LLP
Certified Public Accountants
6055 E. Washington Blvd., Suite 690
Commerce, California 90040

You can also send us a message directly through the Contact page of this website.